Yoga Active Comfort Support

With the green movement gaining momentum, there’s a lot of focus on being careful about what we put into our bodies, but what about what we put on our bodies? Many people are unaware of the dangers that their clothing have to the environment or to the body. Many of the synthetic fabrics used in women’s exercise clothes are full of harmful chemicals and plastics. Our clothes lie right next to our skin, which is not just our largest organ, but, also, highly absorbent and can absorb the chemicals imbued into our clothes quiet easily.

Unlike the polyester used in many supportive women’s yoga clothes, Green Apple Comfort Support line are made with organic plant-based materials that are eco-friendly and suitable for an active lifestyle with high impact activities. Synthetic materials hold in heat, actually causing you to sweat more than you should and contributing to dehydration during workouts. Our organic cotton and bamboo fabrics are incredibly breathable allowing air to pass easily through and
keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable

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