Rejuvenator MricoBubble Showerhead

Rejuvenator Shower Head with MicroBubble Technology

Magazine Feature - New Beauty Magazine – Winter/Spring 2014 issue

Press Release – New Rejuvenator™ Showerhead is Cost-Saving Solution to Families Healthcare Resolutions (See Full Release)

The Rejuvenator™ Showerhead Spa Touch Action cleanses deep within pores instead of simply rinsing skin; this unique Microbubble Technology™ helps families save money and time by using less soap, shampoo, water, and other skin care and beauty products…..

Additionally, the Rejuvenator’s cleansing properties lead to long-term results helping individuals save time and money on beauty products as well. According to MintLife, the average woman will spend $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime. Anderson suffered from acne her whole life until she started using the Rejuvenator™, “I’ve stopped wearing foundation or any cosmetics products and I see these cost savings every week not only for myself, but for my family.”

A study conducted by Harley St. Clinic found that women spend 474 days of their lives putting on cosmetics, which translates to three hours and 19 minutes each week in front of the mirror. The Rejuvenator™ has helped women like Anderson save time on applying make-up every day.

With negative ions to help attract dirt away from the skin, the Rejuvenator™ showerhead releases a lot of toxins that clog the skin throughout the day. “Individuals are exposed to so much from morning to night, and it eases a parents mind to know that their children are getting a deep clean with each and every wash,” said Sidney Chan, Marketing and Operations Advisor for the Rejuvenator™. “In addition to added healthcare benefits, families can save money just by changing their showerhead. They can now save on the consumption of health and beauty products to benefit their whole family.”

Press Release - New Rejuvenator An Effective Solution For Canine Skin Issues (See Full Release)

The Rejuvenator™ Showerhead, a leading skincare product, with Spa Touch Action and unique Microbubble Technology™, deep cleans with gentle pressure and helps reduce skincare problems for pets and their owners alike.

According to Science Daily®, dog skin disorders are among the most common health problems in dogs. A dog’s skin is an indication of overall health and when a skin problem occurs, dogs respond with excessive scratching which can further complicate a dog’s skin condition. Additionally, the American Pet Products Association reported in their bi-annual National Pet Owners Survey that owners spent $55.53 billion on their pets in the United States in 2013, and $14.21 billion went to veterinary care, while $4.54 billion went to pet services such as grooming and boarding.

Rejuvenator’s unique Microbubble Technology™ helps owners save money on pet healthcare, while it’s deep cleansing properties aid effective skin care. A soothing pulsing action complements a strong stream from the showerhead that keeps dogs calm during the bathing process. “The main thing is to give a dog a pleasant bathing experience,” said Sue, a Dog Groomer at the Northwest Pet Resort. “This showerhead feels like a micro massage which helps dogs relax, while ionized water cleans really deep.”

This effective and affordable showerhead deep cleans the pores to help soften dry skin, completely remove soap from a dog’s fur during a bath, and thoroughly clean in between coats for shiny fur and hair. This scientifically developed Microbubble Technology™ generates millions of tiny microbubbles that cleanse the pores of the skin more deeply so a dog’s fur and skin are left at their cleanest. The Rejuvenator™ is the cost-effective solution to a pet’s grooming and skincare needs.





Rejuvenator™ Products recently collaborated with The Beauty Company to conduct a 14-day Consumer Study on its revolutionary new showerhead. The Rejuvenator Showerhead uses an innovative water technology to better cleanse the skin and hair. Rejuvenator Products is marketed by San Gabriel Valley Merchandise Center, LLC. Participants of the 14-day Beauty Product Testing Study each used the Rejuvenator shower package for two weeks on a daily basis. The qualitative study – which included 100 female participants ranging between the ages of 25-50 – was conducted through several methods of online surveys, in order to gather initial and long-term results. Reactions to the product were overwhelmingly positive. At the end of the study, participants were enthusiastic about incorporating the product into their daily routine.


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